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Sep 10, 2012
New Website & More
Hey everyone, we have upgraded our website to go with our new build show (coming soon) stay tuned and make sure to sign up for updates.

May 26, 2010
See the Model A Racing at Eagle Field
Mad Matt raced the Model A at Eagle Field a few weeks ago...check out the video posted on youtube...

Apr 21, 2010
8th Annual High Octane Block Party!
Road Rage Performance's 8th Annual High Octane Block Party is set for May 1, 2010

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Lil Dutch At The Valley Rendezvous 2009

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Mad Matt and The Instigators car club were invited to the 2009 Valley Rendezvous in Madera to put on a different kind of show. Marty the Pinstriper and his 1930 "Dirty Rotten Dodge" warmed up the crowd with some killer burnouts and figure 8's. Then Mad Matt and "Lil Dutch" lit up the asphalt with 700 horsepower burnouts, and left a cloud of smoke you could barely see through. The tires fried and the crowd cheered as Lil Dutch spit chuncks of rubber across the asphalt and beyond. Lil Dutch, the Dirrty Rotten Dodge and the Original Instigator 1950 Chevy were featured in a hot rod show throughout the day. The Road Rage Performance Choppers booth was a hub of activity as folks came through all day long to check out the bikes and apparel. Our new crime partners the Valley Fever Roller Derby Team set up camp right next to us and worked the crowd with spray bottles and squirt guns.


Special thanks goes out to Marty the Pinstriper, the Instigators Car Club, the Valley Fever Roller Derby Team and all of the Road Rage Skeleton crew for making this day a blast!...

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